This is a poem I wrote months ago. I always wanted for people to read my shit but never knew where to put it.

It’s called ‘Activism’. Enjoy.

The old world was bad, unequal and violent
White people ran things and blacks were kept silent
Until one fateful day, when a fake note was used
A cashier got nervous, and while George perused
He made an urgent call to his local law enforcement
Dispatch received the request, and it was Derek they sent
He arrived with lights flashing, while a small crowd formed
Yelling “Get on the ground!” as towards Floyd he stormed
Poor George was too stressed, he tried to make his escape
Derek was having none of it. “Do it now you dirty ape!”
It was time to restrain the alleged suspect
His tactic of choice? A knee-laden-neck.
The group beside them grew larger, and as they began to seethe
George cried out, “Officer I can’t breathe!”
Thank God for smartphones, the Internet and Facebook
For without them, we might always have thought of Mr. Floyd as a crook.
Indeed, his untimely demise that day would not be in vain
We took to the streets, ignorance we could no longer feign
This was our fight. Whites had been quiet too long.
It was time for real change, time to say “Racism is wrong!”
We all wore our masks and we held up our signs
On the streets we marched, towards the cop lines
We destroyed every business owned by evil millionaires
Who knew you could fight injustice with bricks and black squares?
Now things are better and it’s all thanks to us
Who knew what might’ve happened without such a fuss?
Because of activists like me and ideas straight from Beijing
People can browse freely, without fear of hearing mean things.
We were all inoculated, although Bill Gates did that part
That boring shop we smashed, replaced with a shiny new Walmart!
And, in case you were worried, I’ve head it straight from the source
Biden’s new drone pilots - they’re black women, of course!
We used to hear about “free speech” or “democracy”, it was all such a bore
Luckily we aren’t subjected to those illegal opinions anymore
You’ve got me to thank for preventing a Fourth Reich
And I did it all without violence, using Instagram likes
In fact, it was surprisingly easy to prevent our terrible fate
The only thing we had to do was give all power to the state.
I remember the day that it was agreed, inequality had ended
It was when Bezos announced Amazon’s toilets were no longer gendered.
To celebrate, into our glasses soy milk we decanted
Musing that, we were sure -
It’s what George Floyd would have wanted.



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Thanks, someone posted it on the worldpeace subreddit.

This forum looks very interesting, as I said I’ve been looking for a place to post my writing and get feedback/critique.

Is there anywhere to introduce yourself on here or could I just do it in the Writing section? I’d like to talk about what I’m working on.



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