Can someone explain how NFTs work to me

and the ulterior political motives behind the greenie witchhunt against them

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This article might help you to understand NFTs a bit better:

People see it as damaging to the environment in the same way that cryptocurrency is, but even worse, because they see it as basically just adding another completely pointless layer of made-up value to something that already exists and can very easily be copied.

With cryptocurrency, the emissions the blockchain generation causes is for the sake of an exchange of actual goods or services, whereas with NFTs, it’s not really for anything.

An NFT is basically a Certificate Of Authenticity for a digital artwork, but unlike COAs for real life artworks, the NFT certificate itself is what gives value, rather than affirming the already-existing value of the artwork, as would be the case for art in real life.

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Yeah lol it is pretty bad for the environment actually

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It just seems so contrived.

“thay youse too much eelectricity and people arnt supporting my anti-frakking business so it’s bad ooga booga”

The moment environmentalists stop being mindless retarded hippies is the moment I’ll care about or respect the environment or concerns thereabout.

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Pentti Linkola is p based though

I think it’s important to make a distinction between conservationism and environmentalism. Environmentalists genuinely are retarded because they promote “solutions” that are very bad for the earth. It’s commonly known that nuclear is a far cleaner energy than covering the earth with wasteful and ugly AF solar panels, but environmentalists promote solar power crap anyway because they don’t like that nuclear energy doesn’t allow them to inject their other shitty left-wing politics into the matter, and because they’ve been brainwashed by those with vested interests to uphold the solar power market.

Anyone who truly believes in conservation of the earth should absolutely condemn environmentalists.

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Yeah they suck. Unimaginative liberals

Still wish renewables were better though…

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