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"In the summer of 2009, I went to the beach to see a beautiful sunset. When I walked out of my house, my wife and I were talking. Her husband was sitting in the car with her and I were looking at the horizon and I said, “What is it, son?” And he said, “It’s this sunset,” And he said, “Well, here it is.” I looked for him in the night sky. His wife looked back and thought, he sure looked like this sunset; but he kept looking on the horizon. And I said, how could he not see that? My wife said, “Well, he has the perfect vision and he can see this beautiful sunset. And he keeps looking on the horizon.” And I said, “This sun is too perfect to pass by. It must be the sun! And it should be the sun’s body.” And he looked up at me with his wide eyes and said, “Oh, I love that sun!” So I went to the hospital and went home. On the way home, I noticed a huge body lying on the sidewalk. I turned to him and said, “What are you talking about?” And he said, “Oh, I remember that day, too. A few minutes ago I saw this man standing in the middle of this street waiting for a truck. In the middle of this lane were two men with a silver truck and what appeared to be a silver minivan. We though…”

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yeah basically lol

Semania is great, my high score is 22

"I have an idea for a video game where people take turns narrating the events of their neighborhood. The player will be able to choose from a story, and choices will have varying strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a feature that will be bugging no one, will prevent the player from telling their friends what they should or should not do, instead of telling them to just do it themselves. Or a system that will work with other narrators, will let people control the characters. Or a system that will work offline, will let players chose without feedback, and offline narrators will have offline narrators, but online narrators. well, the game will be offline because the player doesn’t have a role to choose from. The player can earn bitcoins by selling or buying items in the community. There could be ways to encourage and reward the community, such as rewards for walking on eggshells, or buying coffee in the community. There would also be a slimline map, where you can see different cameras coming and going. You can slow down or speed up their work, or see if the community is buying or selling items. It would be open-source…

“I have an idea for a video game but i cant find the right keywords to post it here is so please comment your ideas. I want to make a simple 1v1 game but also make multiplayer as well. Any ideas on how to make it really stand out from other Starcraft 2 multiplayer game? I need a pic of the teaming of martial artists to come to life. All stances and abilities are centered around the artist. The martial artist standing next to you will have a huge effect. You can have up to 1 minute per stance. Up to 2 minutes per ability. You can work around this by having extra stances be available at higher levels. All I know is that something was added to this map with an upgrade system. The concept is very simple. Player A is a black-market martial artist who goes to great lengths to become a champion. After being called this champion, you are given a trophy that can be picked up and scattered around different areas of the map. Players do not just spawn in Persists. There are various ways to spawn in Persists. Some less popular areas of interest can be populated by other players. Some spawned by natural resources. Some” 33589,I have an idea for a video game. It would be set in the 80s/90s. I know a lot of people don’t even know about The Gaslighted Movie starring Johnny Depp and he knows it or maybe he doesn’t care because he is Cobyslave and he is alive. In the movie he is very bad but the more I look he is pretty good. He meets Cobyslave and the more he becomes friends with him the more he seems to trust him. So on top of that he can hire friends to do the sets for him and as you can see in the gif I’m making he looks pretty good working for a developer. I had this idea for a Cobyslave as our narrator but as the game shows us he is generally good at things like that. So that’s the idea. You have to find people willing to do set and stories and make them your friends. Or you can show them the movie and they will instantly recognize you. Or you can just help them when they are needed most. There is also a ton of other things that you can do that would help in the game but I haven’t been able …"

Yo I think this guy is onto something

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this one is my favorite… :unamused: :heart:

New high score is 27, yesss