Dialogue exercise one

She raised her heavy lids as the glass doorknob clinked open. In the darkness she was buried in pillows and sheets, full of pain spots and sores. The nest was packed in very tight and she couldn’t really move.
The shadow of her boyfriend Jack was fuzzy, but it brought her relief.
“Oh, come over here…” Her voice was hoarse, she was smiling.
Jack lurched into the space carrying a gym bag. He just sort of threw it on the ground and said “Yeah…” Through squinted eyes he smiled at her. Her eyes opened wide now. He looked at the bag, and pointed at it.
“This is full of a man’s clothes.” He turned to her and smiled so hard that his face turned red. He threw both arms forward and threw them up over his head as if to swat the wall behind him. She was grimacing now with intense eyes, and wormed her head feebly off the pillow, though it strained her neck and was uncomfortable. She stared at him, up at his ridiculous and theatrical expression.
“Oh. No. That was John’s. Don’t you remember when he came over, and helped the guys put in the trees?”
He had frozen the pose.
She cocked her head down, and after a pause said: “Right? He had to change his clothes. I just didn’t bother to return them because he never answers his phone.”
He lowered his hands behind him and leaned forward, bending his knees. He had turned wild. “Well then! I guess I’ll return them!” He stepped forward and swung his pointer in front of him. “I think I will go return them right now!” He picked up the bag and promptly walked out of the room. As she lay there with the same wide eyes, she could only listen as his echo moved around the hardwood floors outside the room. He clambered through the screen door, and it screed and squealed as it shut. She listened for a time as the sound of treaded gravel faded away.

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