Does this exist?

A war game that bases success not just on effectiveness in physical combat, but also in propaganda/culture war decisions. Like, say you do super well fighting, but you end up losing because you hire propaganda writers who are dumb enough to use the enemy’s preferred self-aggrandizing name for themselves, so this ends up effecting the way your people think and plays a significant part in motivating them to fight for the other side instead.

If this doesn’t exist, it totally should - even if it’s only in board game form.

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I’m not sure I entirely understand the concept, however yes I don’t think there are any games that go beyond military and economics. Might get too confusing at that point unless you cut out the actual units

Fallout maybe?

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Not quite the same idea but Not For Broadcast is a game where your objective is to televise propaganda. Tropico 4 also has a propaganda expansion.


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I’m not sure I entirely understand the concept

Well, to give you a window into the general idea, what got me on this was thinking about how, when playing manager mode in wrestling games, along with actually playing as wrestlers and fighting in the ring, you also have to be a capable brand manager by picking good storyline writers to keep audience viewing figures high, and prevent them switching to another brand.

I always liked this mixture of straightforward fighting + trying to use your smarts to keep people interested in your project over your opponent’s, and so I figured it’s something that should be part of a war game, using good propaganda writers to keep the populace from being swayed by your opponent’s propaganda.

I reckon it’s something that could work well; there are plenty of games that switch between very different styles of gameplay like this. It would also teach people a kind of political savviness that they wouldn’t otherwise pick up.

Very interesting. Thanks.

Not super related, but that video’s made my mind wander onto the thought that if you incorporated the common ‘pick a response from the options’ video game element, it could be used in interview situations in the game where giving certain responses to an interviewer could also determine whether you win or lose a war.

I really like the idea of a game that pivots between “shoot 'em up” and “choose your words carefully”. I don’t know why it’s not more of a thing.