Ever notice how sometimes a fantastical explanation makes things more believable?

Like, I don’t think we’ll ever have functional time travel. I just can’t picture that happening with just the material world at play. But I think it’s perfectly reasonable for magic to be able to do it.

Your shitty pickup line can’t work on that girl you just met at the bar. . . unless she just looked into your amulet which violates her free will by forcing her to react in the way you want her to. Or, she’s affected by a curse that makes her overly responsive to displays of affection or attraction. Or, she’s an alien from another dimension that’s learning to mimic humans and will eviscerate you as soon as you go back to her place.

An animal standing up on its hind feet and using paws like hands doesn’t make sense, nor does it conversing in a manner that displays sapience when it formerly was just an animal. But an anthropomorphic animal can inherently do all these things by its inherent nature.

You can’t fall a hundred and ten feet and then grab onto a ledge without ripping your arms of and getting harmed by deceleration anyway.

Anyone else got any examples of situations where fantastical explanations make more sense?

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Tbh, it’s probably more the fact that any explanation is better than none.