First paragraph of my story that I've been writing for 3 years.

'Friday, 11 Winterfulth, 907, N.D.


Winter was stirring; all throughout the Mould, seen and unseen wights felt his bitter foreboding. Rime beset the earth and raw winds howled through the boughs, robbing the brittle trees of withered leaves that tumbed into dun graves over the heaths, roads, and duffs across the broad land, begirdled by unforgiving barrows to the east and the west. At the heart of the kingdom there lay a hoar, craggy dale. To the nor’-west lay hills, and to the sou’-east grew fells, wherefrom a long burn gushed through the denes and wended over the moors ere pouring forth into a wide, dark mere. Amidst it all there rose a mount, wreathed with bothies; at the top thereof stood a swarthy hall, standing aloof and proud.’

Been working on this opening for a while now. Worked on it at 1 in the AM PM last night and was pretty proud of it.


It’s very pretty. I need to look up some of the words though

I’m going to make a video soon on how to write prose more efficiently