Heed the tale of Syd Barrett. Stay away from drugs

In 1975 he showed up unannounced to Pink Floyd’s studio during the recording of Wish You Were Here at Abbey Road Studios. Nobody recognized him; he was fat and had shaved off all his hair including his eyebrows. He was incoherent and left without saying goodbye. Storm Thorgerson said that two people had broke down and cried when they found out it was him.

That album as well as Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, and a lot of their other later material was a tribute to his story. Don’t let this happen to you, king!


Sounds like some Datura shit


There are a lot of dumbass gen x, millenials, and zoomers who, even after hearing that story, will still think drugs benefited him, and therefore will somehow help them write songs as good as his were if they use drugs.

But yeah, if you have a functioning brain, you should be able to realize how dangerous drugs are and avoid them.