Helping each other out

I have the beginnings of an idea. Basically, I was thinking we could have some kind of semi-formal ‘Favour System’. So, say for example, someone wants their merchandise/artwork/website/meme/whatever promoted; other people could offer to do so in return for a favour - maybe something similar, maybe something different - but always something of corresponding worth. If all parties involved aren’t completely comfortable with the initial terms, they could haggle a bit until they come to an agreement, carry out their mutual favours, and then post proof of keeping up their end of the bargain.

As an example, imagine pilleater wants one of his videos promoted and Johnny wants his concept ‘Surrever’ to gain some traction. pilleater could make an offer to do something for someone in return for their promoting his video in 5 different public places. Johnny could then respond to this by saying “Okay, I’ll do that in return for you spreading the word ‘Surrever’ in a future video”. Both parties gain from this and create trust on both sides for further mutual favours in the future. Obviously this is just a hypothetical example, and neither Johnny nor pilleater might want something like this, for whatever reasons, but you can get the general gist of my proposal and see how it would be a very useful system.

Of course, I suggest this not just because it’s useful, but because I notice a very annoying Whiggish, individualistic tendency amongst so-called rightists, to the point where they’re so wrapped up in their own ideas and philosophies and projects that they never take on board or take notice of anything created by anyone else. I’d like to think I’ve rectified this tendency in myself, by promoting any merchandise/artwork/websites/memes that I think are good and made by people on our side, but I’d like for this to become widespread. We should all be helping each other. We should all be working as one.

Let me know you thoughts.


This is a really good idea. I think we could probably do something with the services section.

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