Home safe

arm in a cast; typing w left hand; can’t wear long sleeves anymore

no surgery needed; bruised / lacerated liver w fractured wrist bone – the one that juts out the side

thought i was going to die tho; had lots of flashbacks and wanted to call people and make amends


Glad you’re home safe brother <3 How long do you have to wear the cast? REALLy great that you don’t need surgery

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~ 3 weeks

listened to this before i crashed. i think it’s cursed

I’m glad you’re okay (well, as much as you can be :grimacing:).

How did it happen?

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the breaks were jamming up. was going fast, went to stop at a stopight. pulled the breaks and the bike exploded

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hit the handlebars, the wheel came off, i flew forward onto the pavement. the back part fell sideways and skidded forward. couldn’t breathe, totally winded. phone flew and corner of screen was cracked. two men came to help me, they got everything off the road n drove me to hopital down the street

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Damn, that sucks. I hope you’ve got someone taking care of you.

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i have a roommate who looks out for me

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Well, at least it was your right hand and not your left–learning to wipe with your right hand would be hell.

But seriously, everything’s gonna be okay? Nothing permanent?

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hopefully nothing permanent

The way the eyes are drawn almost remind me of Saturn Devouring His Son

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