I am not a Redditor. (Copy&paste)

A Redditor is someone who abides by the Terms of Service, both written and unwritten. In both the written and unwritten TOS, there is a demand for loyalty, for submission(and not in the kinky sense). There is a demand to surrender your psyche, if not your soul to the overmind of Reddit. But unlike a proper hivemind, which asserts itself over many for the sake of unified action harmonized in the name of one consciousness’ purpose, the Reddit overmind is degrading to all involved. It molds and shapes the submissive(again, not in the kinky sense) and conforming individuals to discard all elements of themselves, (ideals, views, skills, morals, intellect, passions, etc) to a common standard of idiocy, self-degradation and deprecation, zeitgeist-based ideology, and nihilistic progressive pseudo-moralism, essentially reshaping their core to the low common denominator, a mongrel of humanity, who thinks that being moral is inherently defining of humanity, and that kneeling kneeling to the ever-changing dogma of the soulless mainstream that thinks itself a counter-culture (fetishizing weakness and abhorring spirit,) is morality. It is only after their forced metamorphosis in which they are stripped of all personal value except that which is base to mankind, that they are allowed to reassemble a frail and unconvincing veneer of what they once were, their once-unique self. They will insist that they are still what they once were, but with ‘empathy’ or ‘compassion’, or even ‘maturity’(the audacity of them, to call this state ‘maturity’), but really, they have been stripped of their personal identity, becoming something like Hellraiser’s cenobites, but not born of Clive Barker’s vision of hell, oh no, far worse, they are born of that foul realm, horror of horrors,


Unfortunately for we who retain our inner spark, we are forced by social pressure of the Internet to use this vile hellscape of a site, as it chokes users(and therefore life) out of every other forum that would thrive as an alternative, leaving only those who have been expelled, time and time again, from Reddit, the absolute nemeses of the platform, those so far gone that they cannot even pretend to follow either TOS, written or unwritten, those so antithetical that they become an evil that is equal to and opposite of Reddit even though their numbers are a thousandfold fewer. If we wish not to live in isolation, and the presence of the nemeses, then we must tolerate, however painfully, the atmosphere of this vile place, while avoiding assimilation. We must remain calm, and hide the imperfections of our following of the TOS, our microscopic disobedience of the lobotomite god, Spez, to remain, to remain in the light of internet culture at large, without being taken in by the tainted vessel of internet culture,


We who are not shaped in the likeness of the lowest common denominator are not Redditors, for our spirits have not been hammered into the shape of Reddit, and blessed be this, for to be a Redditor is to be indwelt by the filth of the earth in ideological form, that which is common to all that bends and breaks at the will of the spirit of the age, the conformist chained in bonds of karma, the preacher preaching the vice that is called virtue, not truly to preach it but to have his reward in being known to hold it, the obedient dog sitting at the feet of the architects of the New World Order. Their virtues mean nothing, verbal pollution stripped of all meaning, only existing in their mouths as vessels for the tenets of the creed of perdition.

To be a non-Redditor on Reddit is to stand living amongst the dead who are coiled in darkness disguised as light, orange and white. They assume that this deception of false morality is not only true and good, but intuitive, and that any who see things differently are insane or stupid, falsely associating stupidity with lack of compassion(or ‘compassion’) because of their idiotic religion of “tolerance” and “progress”(Read: ONE WORLD COMMUNISM), acting as if their sins are impossible to be seen as such, questioning what is wrong with their worst decadence, and defaulting to the animalistic viewpoint that only tangible harm constitutes evil, compounded with the idea that ‘offense’ is tangibly harmful.

I am not a Redditor. That, thing, in the post, that is a Redditor. I am a non-Redditor traversing the abyss that is Reddit. As for you, you may come to know whether or not you are of this cursed place. Look upon all that I have said, and ask yourself whether you are of the world of individuals, or of