I have a weird hankering

I want to read one of those 2000’s cringey ‘gaming’ webcomics. Not the OG, Penny Arcade, and not the ultimate pit, Crtl-Alt-Delete, but rather one of the intermediary webcomics about a small group of friends living in a small world mainly centered around their couch, with the obligatory one(1) female main character, maybe another if the author is feeling generous.

Got any ideas?

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i wouldn’t know.


I read that when I was 13, it’s a whole different thing from what I was thinking of

I mean the ‘genuine gang of lowlifes whose main interests are literally gaming and movies(and maybe a few books) and whose jobs aren’t important sit around and be le ebic nerds : DD’ kind of comic. AKA a ‘slice of life’ kind of thing

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Okay I filled up the hankering, with a webcomic called Sluggy Freelance.