I invented something. 🤗

crow's box 5

I don’t have enough money for a patent, let alone a prototype, so I figured I would share it with the community. This is an untested device called a “crow’s box,” and basically what it is is a crude setup for making adjustable molds of any size and depth. This can be used for making free canvases out of recycled materials, or even just your own building materials for homesteading / DIY stuff. You can probably build a small house with this thing given enough time and material.

Every part is lasercut. It is a series of 1/4" sheet of metal wood acrylic that are stacked on top of each other via 1/4" pegs. In the center of each sheet is a grid of 1/4" cubes that have been cut out freely. Then there is a base lid and a top lid, holding the cubes from spilling out.

Using it is a lot like Minecraft; you adjust the cubes with tape / vaseline etc until you have the pieces for an adjustable mold or an object / shape in and of itself. Now you can build your own custom furniture using homemade polymers.

It’s also super portable; you can have a handle shape jut out of one of the center layers to make it into a suitcase.

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Is this something you might be interested in trying out? I can make it on ponoko, I just don’t know how much it costs to lasercut this

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U P D A T E :kangaroo:

Mold prototype ordered for $11. You can cast a shape within a 5x5 grid. Each cube is 1/4 inch wide. The open one is the middle piece; the filled ones are the lids – there are thingies on both sides of the lids to keep it fastened tight.

With this invention you can cast the pieces to make a giant 1/4 inch thick rectangular object. This can be a canvas, a tile, brick, etc.

It’s getting printed in yellow SLS Nylon PA12, which is a durable, heat-resistant, and waterproof material (perfect for molding various materials). I also got it polished

Should be here next week. I made it small so that I could figure out a method for casting.

I think I will call it the Crow 1

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I think a better term for it is ‘fractal mold’

Decided that I will be using hot glue to make the pieces instead of resin

They canceled my order >:(