Johnny and Katie Fusco

Yesterday, I had a very shocking experience. I opened up my wallet and took a look at this tiny little piece of paper. It contained a cartoon of me that was drawn by a girl named Katie Fusco.

I had not thought much of this drawing when I was given it. Being polite and appreciating her talent, I decided to keep it with me. Sometimes I had taken peeks at it, but again I had thought very little of it until yesterday, when I looked at the date on the back. This was drawn 5 years ago. I am amazed that it has continued to survive in spite of the years of abuse I have subjected my wallet to.

Katie Fusco was a coworker I kind of liked. For around 3 years, I was an employee at Hannaford supermarket in the town of Pawling, NY. I was a cashier and clerk – a job where I would maintain the recycling room and organize shopping carts. Katie joined our team temporarily and we had many conversations. I didn’t know what to make of her, but there was something about her that was lower class; I believe, for example I remember that she smoked.

She was, of course, an artist and there were always cartoons taped to her register that she had drawn on receipt and coupon paper. Other than that, there is very little, besides her appearance and way of speaking that I remember. However, there is one memory from our time together that sticks out.

I remember that there was one day where it was raining, like really hard – some kind of storm or sun shower. And it was a day where there were so many customers that we had to be very serious about putting the shopping carts in order. I remember that Katie was out there with me, and while I believe I was told that I didn’t have to go out there (because of the rain), I enjoyed bracing the storm because it made me feel alive. As we were getting soaked out there, I remember that at one point, she stopped, looked directly at me, and smiled.

So, because I had realized how long ago this was, I decided to see what she was up to. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a girlfriend. I thought I would show her the drawing and be like “I still have it after all these years!” etc. I went on google and started typing ‘Katie Fusco,’ ‘Katie Frisco’ (the name was hard to read), on Instagram and Facebook, but didn’t really find anything. I then typed in ‘Katie Fusco artist.’

I found pictures of her that looked really old. And I found some websites, even an Instagram profile, but all of this stuff was old and likely dead. Ultimately I didn’t find any current profiles.

But then I found this:


I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s so crazy that I knew her right before this happened. It’s even crazier that I thought about asking her out.

Next weekend I will be returning home from Pittsburgh to Pawling. My lease is up, and I need to temporarily stay with my parents before I move out to Scranton with our forum’s good friend Roq. I’m going to visit her grave in Dover Plains. I thought about returning the drawing to her family, but they basically supported the marriage, so I think I’ll just keep it.


She was a pretty girl. Such a shame.

I seem to come into contact with so many damaged people. I’m sure someone will say that it’s because I’m not religious, but maybe it’s just because people don’t really notice. I’m very sensitive and I pay close attention to people; I see tragedy everywhere. People losing their sanity, destroying their health, transforming into monsters…


A more detailed, updated story:


She’s my “steP MoM”! WtF!

You guys have to pick my girlfriend for me.

Family buries them:


It says he was a corrections officer for 20 years. No wonder he went crazy. Corrections officer is a horrible fucking job and guys kill themselves all the time

Fuck, I think I remember her talking about going to Virginia. Jesus, that’s so spooky

I cut open a sour jelly bean packet and put the picture in to protect it.

Update: Today I tried to find her grave, but this was unsuccessful. There were way too many graves and they were all out of alphabetical order.

Saw a lot of Masonic graves though. I know every cemetery has them but for some reason I like to take pictures.

I also tried the church, as I read an article that said she was buried there. However, there wasn’t a cemetery

Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear if you have any more info on what she was like. Hope you find the grave site if you go back.

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Hi, welcome to the forum! :sunny:

We’re pretty sure they were cremated – proper burials are very expensive and they were fairly poor. I also think given the nature of the murder they might have felt a proper burial was inappropriate.

Not sure if I should give the lady’s mom the drawing she made of me. She probably just wants to move on…


Anyone who says that probably isn’t a good kind of religious. In my eyes, damaged people need support, and if you overlook people’s suffering then you’re hardly a good Christian.

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The whole story is so surreal. Especially your connection to it @Johnny. It sounds like something out of some horror novella. If anything, it gives me pause to think about why religion exists in the first place. Early religions were initially designed not to hide evil, but to address it and try to understand it - and maybe even remedy it. If there is such pure and unadulterated evil and depravity in this world (the cycle of suffering and violence), one wonders if there is anything proportionally good too, and either way, what does this mean for us?

In any case, I hope you find some sort of personal resolution with this.

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I bet there’s some sicko out there who’d actually be willing to pay good money to have a drawing connected to a disturbing sequence of events like this.

(FTR, I’m not suggesting you take advantage of that; just pointing out that these people exist.)

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Yeah I bet there are. The picture makes me think about life, so I’m going to keep it

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Hello there :blush:, Do you remember any more of what her personality was like? Any more memories of working with her? Thanks

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She smoked, had a drawl accent, and was trouble. My memory of her is very hazy. We talked a lot though, especially when it was late and before closing. This was back in like 2016

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This is a crazy story Johnny… Sounds like Upstate, NY to me. Most of the people who live near me are speed addicted felons, this guys was on a-whole-nother level of depraved though. You dodged a bullet (literally) by not pursuing this girl. She seems nice enough but unfortunately she was given pretty terrible circumstances and all it took was that egotistical edgy period of time between ages 17 to 21 to light the powderkeg sitting under the thin barrier of protection that her adoptive parents were able to provide.

I wonder exactly what led Steven to think he could get away with incest or disregard any kind of forethought about how disgusting his actions would look to others (if at the very least he had no disgust for himself). I think he had a mental break when he came into contact with his young biological daughter. It says in the article that he grew his hair out long, changed how he dressed and his personality changed towards his wife/kids. The highs of even the slim chance that he could re-write his life, ditch his old boring wife and essentially grow younger vicariously through Katie are probably things he used to justify getting her pregnant and marrying her. And of course, when he was found out and he was forced to return to his old life he decided to double down and become a hideous monster.

And our own Johnny, somehow entangled in this whole shit storm, given a drawing by the girl who was murdered and who used drawing to feel safe. Kind of an epic tale, although with a tragic ending

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Thank you for the thoughtful reply