Making writing ACTUALLY easier thread

In this thread, I will post notes, articles, and insights on the topic of writers’ block, procratination, and the general problem of ‘Why is writing so freaking difficult?’

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I talk about this stuff a lot because I have yet to come across a sufficient answer to these questions. Every blog article gives platitudinous advice that more or less puts a bandaid on the central issue. We will be making fun of these articles in the discussion.

A key difference between my line of thinking and other peoples’ is that other people don’t believe in magic bullets whereas I do. In my view, complicated issues can all be reduced to simplified forms.

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I’ve noticed that listening to music eliminates some of my distractive tendencies. When you put on music, it’s almost like it’s a distraction that’s meant to be ignored to some extent.

The way we know that the problem is the writing process itself and not you is because other kinds of tasks do not create this extreme level of procrastination.

For example, I can draw with no problems. I may get tired, but I’m not exactly worried about my time running out or not starting.