'Movies you'd like to see made' thread

Movies I’d like to see:

A movie about a young Austrian artist who can’t understand why time travellers keep travelling back in time to try to kill him.

A movie about the High King of Ireland, Brian Boru.

A movie about the very based and inspirational French counterrevolutionary, Henri de la Rochejaquelein

What movies would you like to see made? :cinema:

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I don’t like movies tbh. I would make a wholesome movie

Today I tried to watch The Lighthouse with my parents and there was a scene where one of the guys goes to the floor just under the top of the lighthouse, and above him the other guy is jerking off and moaning. Then he comes through the grates in front of the guy’s face.

Hollywood is so disgusting; you have to watch these movies in private because they always have disgusting sex bullshit. Like it’s so bad at this point that I literally just equate it with porn at this point.

“Do you want to watch the new Stephen King movie?”

“Oh, you mean the one that will inevitably have a scene with fucking or a clown giving head? No thank you.”

No I’m not watching Game of Thrones. Why would I want to watch rape?

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Lol. I saw someone recommend ‘The Lighthouse’ on Reddit not that long ago. Reddit strikes again.

But yeah, Hollywood produces nothing but tasteless low-grade filth now. It’s not even edgy anymore; it’s just monotonous. Because of that, there’s just nothing to watch. That’s why I find myself pondering what would be good wholesome/non-degenerate movies that could be made which actually would be worth watching.

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Idk, I’ve always disliked realism including cameras and film. Found footage is good, but it’s rarely ever done airtight, where you can’t tell if it’s real or not

I just don’t like the real world, i like things to be abstracted or made into cartoons

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