My latest translation of Beowulf (opening lines).

We have heard tell of the Spear-Danes, those lofty lords from days of yore; how men worshipped their mighty deeds.

Shield, son of Sheaf, was wont to rob throngs of foes of their drinking-halls, making frit their lords.

Though long ago he was but a foundling, he lived to find welfare and waxed in his show of worldly strength, till all who neighboured him had ought to sail over the whale-rode and hallow him with their gifts.

He was as all good kings ought to be.

In after-days, God sent to Shield and the folk of his lands a darling son who brought them merriment.

The boy knew of the harrowing that had long-befallen those leaderless folk.

And so the almighty Lord of life made him praise-worthy.

Thus was Bee, son of Shield, widely known throughout Scania.’


Very cool. Did you do this from scratch?


Yessiree! Anglo-Saxon has been a passion of mine for a few years now.


Go on youtube and look up ‘john gardner grendel audiobook’

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I love Grendel by John Gardner. We’re reading it in school after Beowulf.