My rage still burns against Gillette.

Let’s “challenge ourselves to be better”(read: let lesbian Buzzfeed writers talk down to us about why we should be weak-minded progressivists like them after degrading our ideals as mere ‘masculinity’) in a commercial that ironically lists men being condescending to women as one of our faults.

Let’s represent the free spirit of young boys as being evil because it’s ‘toxic’(read: harmful to worthless and weak people like the fuckign fαggσts who made this commercial) and instead insist that lowering yourself to the same level of worthlessness as others

Let’s also abuse the topic of sexual assault to suggest that all of our detractors are in favor of it, and suggest that the antithesis of it is our bullshit. And let’s also include, here, a rætarded white knight, judging a man going after a woman. He doesn’t appear to know the woman, nor does he know the man, nor does he even know for sure what action of the man he’s ‘defending’ the woman from, but rather, in a moment of lobotomite self-righteousness, he judges the man’s general demeanour as somethign to white-knight against. That man could well be getting up the courage to ask a girl out for the first time asking overcoming severe rejection, but obviously this nimrod’s sanctimonious goodboy sense takes priority. But oh, we specifically cast a black man for this role, both because black man good and also SO YOU CAN’T CALL HIM A ‘WHITE’ KNIGHT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA UH OH STINKY POOPY FUNNY


Yeah, woke capitalism is getting pretty exhausting

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