New Words Thread -- post protologisms below

The liberal and inventive use of neologisms is rebellious artistically because they deconstruct the case for authoritative knowledge. The way that bugmen think is so mired in authoritative reasoning that they will say stuff like “that isn’t a real word!”

For example, I once called a Redditor “a mediocrity” and he was like “ummm sweaty that’s an adjective, not a noun.” They just don’t understand how language works.

The reformation of language is going to be essential in the creation of a new culture. This allows us to further segregate culturally and to take control of the language – introducing highly specific concepts, reframing highly politicized terminology, etc. Please do experiment with new or arcane idioms, terms, expressions, and so on. :tulip:

Words I’ve created or brought to the forefront: quadragram, exnobopomorphism, surrever, silhouesque


Surrever is key

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What does that mean

What does “exnobopomorphism” mean?

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It’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed where people will project features onto an out-group whereby they meet the standard of the in-group. For example, race equality is based on the belief that black people are “just as good” as white people.

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Hmm, interesting.

I’m glad that you’re into creating new words to this extent; I’m kind of obsessed with doing this too.

It comes from the latin “ex nobus” ie “one of us.” Feminists do this too. They essentially have a male conception of quality and then assert their masculinity

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We’ve gotta find an effective way to spread words like these to more mainstream writers. They function as very useful debate hacks.

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Yeah I think it has to come naturally though. Using a word makes the package of related ideas more accessible – kind of the difference between giving someone a pill vs throwing the powder inside the pill at someone. Spreading information is the most effective means of revolution

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I’m trying to come up with something to describe a word that someone applies to an enemy that acts as prelude to, and justification for, treating them unjustly (see the “It’s okay to punch nazis” people).

The current word I’m using is “dehominym”, but I’d ideally like something better. Can you think of anything that would be a better fit?

prehominym? I like the concept

:thinking: Something similar to that could work if you switch out the “hom” bit for something that suggests an attack coming. So, the whole word would literally mean a pre attacking-this-person name.

Pretyping. That’s it. We should call it pretyping

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Some other protologisms of mine:

A term to describe words that act as pejoratives for things that are actually morally neutral or good.
• From the Greek phthora/φθορά (meaning destruction, spoil, decay, ruin etc.) and nym.

Self-replication. A replacement for words like meme and memetics.
• From ‘auto’ and ‘aux’, meaning ‘self’ and ‘to increase’.

To fake a hate crime against oneself.

Making it so that your enemies’ thoughts, statements, arguments etc. are only accessible through your own commentary, spin, and ‘disclaimers’. (See the way Twitter had the last word on all of Trump’s tweets).

Effecting and informing the law. So, for example, a religion that doesn’t do separation of church and state.


I’ll probably be coming back to this thread quite a bit.