One of my long-term goals

I want to write a very short, concise pamphlet that offers ACTUALLY useful advice for writing fiction and overcoming blocks and procrastination. There won’t be a long, bloviating introduction, and every sentence will be carefully phrased or framed in such a way as to be more vividly grasped – as much good advice often reads as platitudes.

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Useful advice: always keep a journal with you, in which you can record any random bits of dialogue or descriptions that come to you at any time.

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Looks like someone else was tired of the bloviating. This is how I think I will structure my book

I look forward to reading it because I always wanted to write epic fantasy as a kid but now as an adult i lost my passion for writing and reading and would love to get it back. I want to be able to write freely and have it be fun and entertaining. I get too lost and overwhelemed to even begin starting to write so a system would help.