[Selling NFT's on Cheap Platforms, Discbeing Template] (The planets are aligning, hopefully allowing for some kind of positivity while we move forward into an increasingly isolated and disease ridden world)

Now I know that this is an extremely re-hashed/NPC/over-hyped topic right now but I do think that it’s important in today’s current art world to develop a tribe, a clan or some kind of affiliation. There is quite simply too much to investigate and do on your own. NFT’s are the closest we are possibly ever going to get at giving our art a stamp of approval, hook our brothers up and also avoid having to go through all the hoops that are normally associated with regular business, marketing, buying & selling etc. etc. etc. This is why I’m proposing any other artists who frequent this board to look into other NFT marketplaces and experiment with seeing if anything can stick.

About two years ago I kind of suffered a mental break down when I came back to the United States after living in Africa for 3 months. My visa ran out, along with all my money and I was forced to find any way to scrape together funds while I also was met with my first true obstacle in life, that being, not pursuing a dream but actually just trying to survive (get food in my belly, not getting my lights knocked out by druggies and working in a disgusting factory that treated its workers like whack-a-moles). Covid hit my state and everything closed, socializing became much more difficult and so I was faced with the true fact that my life has a timer set, and I had to face the truth that I couldn’t do something that would just make me look good but that I have to direct my energy towards something that could set me up for being part of the innovations to take place in the future. If I chose to ignore this then I’d be forever ignoring the parts of my life that hurt, really hurt like some kind of giant root had grown deep through my body. So what did I do? I turned to the internet and decided to put forward the foundation for an expansive ARG type of project.

This is sort of the reasoning of what I’m designing now, which is to make a series of images with this template

Each one is going to be unique with a different color and direct spin off of everything. I want to have some of them be themed though and if any of you guys have ideas I’d love to hear them and incorporate them into the shirt/pants/helmet/boot assets (all of this is done in illustrater/photoshop so It’s super easy to twEAK)

Some of these I want to be dedicated to those I have met along the way and I would love to give some away for free ( you just need to have a wallet on the Fantom Opera Chain {$FTM}) I know that it will take some time for me to really go fully public with this project, although it ties into tims-e-capsule.com, Ice Pick Mag, The Reader/Writer Workshop Show, and Molbreaker etc. So these are contained within the metaverse I’ve been creating and will potentially be collectible in the future, of course I can’t guarantee anything except that this has been pretty much my life’s goal, to get this story I have been working on for 6 Years Now I’m not looking to stop anytime soon as it seems to have taken on a life of it’s own

**You can get a free Discbeing if you give me an idea for a Discbeing. **

Essentially your thoughts are currency and you receive a person’s thought if you provide your own


Idk about NFT’s. I made some but I’m not sure if right now they’re a legitimate way to authenticate value. For the most part they’ve become a joke and it seems like everyone hates them

Can you give a more specific example of the type of thing you’re looking for?