Hey guys, how’s it goin? I’m excited to find your community, stumbled across a link and it’s like I went back to the good old days of my web use.

Anyways, I thought I’d share about my struggle with cigarettes. Today I decided to change, I smoked one cigarette today, I normally smoke 20-25. I’ve been on edge and tense all day, I made a rude outburst to my brother that I need to apologize for still, but after it’s all done here, I’m feeling fucking great. All that’s left to do now is figure out how to stop my monkey brain from breaking me into another pack. I’m only 20, and been smoking for about 2 years, but Christ almighty, I didn’t believe anyone when I started, but I’m full on Fiending for a smoke every minute I have free. Have any of y’all got good coping strategies? I’m not interested in changing the nicotine delivery method, I just think I should stop. Thoughts?



I just copypasted from another reply, but I think this may be relevant to you if you have problems with relapses in the future.

You’re probably falling back into habits because of rationalizations. If you really convince yourself, even propagandize yourself to believe that what you are doing is harmful, then even when you try to rationalize a relapse, you will feel something deeply wrong, and won’t go through with it, this is how I got out of sugar, porn, and videogames. This past month I’ve been trying to limit my YouTube time, as to not consume so much junk content.
Good luck, man.


I got possessed by the nic demon pretty hardcore during a period of high stress. I’d been partaking casually since high school but I was never hooked until then. A Pod and a half a day of juul, maybe more. I moved onto American Spirits because I convinced myself that if I made myself smell like shit I wouldn’t want to do it anymore. I finally ended up getting fed up with my rationalizations to continue, threw everything in the garbage and went down to Rite Aid and bought a jumbo pack of Nicorette. After about a month of that I quit completely and I don’t think I’m going back.


Nicotine is good for you, it makes you smart like David Lynch. My favorite method is dipping.


Do what I do and smoke only one cigarette a month. Got that from my father. Nicotine is good for your mood.

Vaping is fucking gay and I have a cousin (20 years old) who got lipoid pneumonia from it. Guy had trouble breathing and was dizzy all the fucking time because of his vaping.

Don’t try any other drug. It’s a waste of time and money. Dipping just seems like it’ll fuck up your gums and make your teeth all yellow, so I’ve never tried.


Zyn is your friend + occasional hand rolled cig

Also if you’re fiending for nic try replacing a cig with sprints or some other burst of high intensity exercise

best of luck to you bro

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Zyn made me really sick the one time I tried it

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Heard somewhere that tobacco is good for you and blocks govt mind control, seems right to me because they poison cigs with a bunch of BS and dip too. I should make my own tobacco farm. Don’t vape because its Chinese shit and they will always poison you. My lungs hurt more vaping than smoking. Best I’ve had so far is nicotine gum.


I wouldn’t unless you were doing something cool like cigars or pipe smoking

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CBD or a nicotine-free vapes may help, part of the addiction is the novelty of blowing smoke. I haven’t quit nic yet, but whenever I had intense weed cravings while trying to quit, I’d take some kratom, might be nice if your day is done and all you can think about is smoking more.

Also, vaping isn’t bad unless you’re buying disposable vapes or shit with pg and diacetyl in it. Any reputable salt nic brand is safe, shit’s been around since 2003 and nobody’s died or fallen ill (unless they used to smoke cigs). Granted, being addicted to any stimulant will make you groggier and sleepier on the whole.

id stay away from the CBD youll get hooked on that too then start smoking weed.

Ive been about 7 months sober from a marijuana addiction that lasted 5 years. I was high every day for a very long time. if i can quit you can too. just force yourself even though it feels like shit. just gotta push through - there is no trick.

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This. Though there’s probably an undiscovered trick we haven’t discovered yet!

An aryan cowboy once told me that tobacco only kills you if your natal chart is configured a certain way

This is because its an herb associated with the dead and the lower world in many shamanic cultures

If your Saturn is in houses 2, 9, or 12 you should not smoke tobacco according to his advice

just passing it on


Can i eat a pack of marlboro’s??

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