Some prose I wrote myself

The contents of fiction may not exist, but fiction itself does, and it exists as the concept of what it contains.

Therefore, the fictional is conceptually real.

Fiction is conceptual existence.

Falsehood is strictly conceptual existence presented as explicit existence.

An illusion is only an illusion if presented as real.

A statue is only an idol if presented as a god.

A fiction acknowledged as fiction will be a real fiction.

A fiction presented as a reality will be a false reality.

Willing suspension of disbelief is not the same thing as belief. It is the entrance of the mind into the real concept of something unreal.


I’ll be transparent: This is something I wrote myself during a bout of depression, in which I felt useless for pursuing becoming a fantasy writer, because my brain was telling me what I valued as my main talent was literally nothing, worthless because it wasn’t a solid thing in reality.

So this is a rationalization, a ‘cope’, if you will, regarding the ‘realness’ of what I make, stating that fiction is ‘conceptual creation’.

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Stories describe objects which do not have location.

Exist = Object + location

Also, never give up, King!

That’s why I focus on the concept

Concept is the object, and its location is in your head.


It’s basically an attitude that’s pretty important for the purposes of enjoying fiction to the fullest but even more so for making it. You have to respect it as its own reality to make it good.

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We had a discussion about this on discord but essentially my view is that fiction concerns objects that do not exist

And mine is that they don’t exist in real life, but fictional things exist in fiction, which is their reality, and fiction exists in real life as an idea embodied in art and writing