The Meaning of Close Encounters

I haven’t kept up much with Jorjani. Is he still a linear-history-loving hardcore Hegelian?

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I found this through a group chat, idk much about him

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Ah, okay.

What does he do?

I only really know of him from Arktos (I think) and past association with Red Ice media. I don’t know if he’s still pushing it, but his big interest back then was trying to resurrect Zoroastrianism in Iran. He really liked Zoroastrianism for being “progressive” and because it went against the cyclical history worldview of other religions - which obviously all ties in with how much he appeared to love Hegel as well.

Honestly, there’s nothing as funny as a guy walking into a movement of Spenglerians and then launching into how awesome he thinks Hegel is. He didn’t get very approving feedback. :laughing:

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