Post beautiful/ well designed/ cool looking video games

Postal 2 Paradise Lost Free Download
not really a great looking game, but a cool designed character, been wanting the dudes goatee and shirt

Hylics ^Mason Lindroth made a cool bumper for MDE WP

Anor Londo in Dark Souls, Moonside from Earthbound and Waterfall from Undertale are some of my favorite video game places.

Aside from that, I know I’ve seen some beautiful things in video games, but for some reason I can’t seem to remember them.

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earthbound has a great soundtrack

As a side note, some good aesthetic games I can think up off the top of my head are Secret of Mana, Tales of Phantasia, Illusion of Gaia, Ocarina of Time and the original F-Zero

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I would argue that the Dan-Ball games are beautiful

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One of my most favouritest games of all time. Nothing comes close to it. I’ve probably played through it a dozen times.


Always wanted to play it. Looks sick

Looked it up and played a plant game, very cool

Cave story

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