Anyone lift weights?
atm I’m doing hepurn method press 2x a week, cookie cutter deadlifts in the middle (AxBxAxx)

I’ve been focusing on heavy doubles and triples. Goal is 200/400 press/pull within the next 3-6 months. I’ve really overbulked in this pursuit.

being out of the gym has been fun, movements from the ground makes you a lot stronger (cleaning/pulling before every set has a compounded effect on your lower back strength), and hasn’t hindered my progress so far.

My current set up is an olympic bar (bought it way too expensive), normal set of plates (45x3,25,10x2,5,2.5) that I got at ~$2CAD/lb, and a deadlift platform I made. I use a belt on presses.

Do you guys lift?

I sometimes lift a toolbox and a typewriter in its case.

Literally just took a carton of liquid egg product (~15 eggs), poured chocolate syrup into it, and downed it