What do you guys think of Chaos Magic?

Just curious what your thoughts are.

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I’m not a believer in magic, but I did think about joining the Church of Satan after I got bored with Freemasonry. However, the COS looked so incredibly gay and I didn’t want to completely embarrass myself.

I suspect ritual magic is similarly cringe and lame. I personally was big into occultism but over and over again I found much of it to be larpy and consumerist in nature. It’s p sad actually because a lot of this ye olde occultism is actually very fascinating and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to light beautiful candles and wear a brilliant cloak and worship the spirits of silver, trees, mercury, the sun, the air?

Also yes, the church of satan is probably a scam. Never forget that behind every subculture is a grift.

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Demons are bad, mmkay?

If I believed in spells and shit that definitively didn’t come from demons and all that, I would try to practice them but only if I could find some assurance, without a doubt, that they weren’t from demons, didn’t involve gay shit like worshiping nature spirits or the Earth Mother, came at least in part from my own being and weren’t just sucking force off of something else, etc

I would want something that either came entirely from me or only used forces that lacked any real consciousness of their own

That being said, I think occult stuff is a really bad idea and is either larping or from demons.

The whole reason I create is to make a ‘reality’ of sorts where all the fantastical cool stuff is real. It’s not a lie, because you acknowledge it as its own reality, a reality consisting of the story and its contents. The ability to think up an idea that I sculpt into an entirely conceptual reality which I make real(in its own way) is all mine, and from my mind, and it is a creation, therefore I acknowledge it as the closest thing to magic I will experience in this life.

What is a lie is acting like this or that hippy bullshit is real as if acting like it is will make it real. It just gives demons a ‘costume’ to wear as they larp alongside you making you think you’re the high priestess of the moon or some shit. It’s not just stupid, it’s evil.

Yeah, I get that I’m being the stick-in-the-mud religious type here, and yeah, I don’t really have the right to be given that I’m the comic-relief degenerate furry here, but what I guess I’m meaning to say is that I see this stuff as conceptual fuel to break down into ideas, not stuff you should actually believe in.


I was curious because a big thing was made of Chaos Magic by the Evola fans on the right, during the run-up to Donald Trump’s election.

About the church of Satan: Do they even really do anything particularly occultic when they’re amongst themselves? I mean, yeah, they are satanic in that they’re incredibly garbage people, but otherwise, it seems like the whole thing is just an edgy front for very dull, basic leftist activism.

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As I said to Johnny above, the main reason I was asking was that interest in it grew within the more esoteric part of the right, back in 2016.

Personally, I think it’s something that can easily be judged to be bad by the obviously degenerate nature of its leading figures. However, due to the influence their practices continue to have, I think it should be matched with something equal and opposite - something highly ritualized that works for the force of good.

As you can read from that Wiki article though, it is obviously mostly just larping and harnessing human psychology to achieve whatever the desired results are. They’re not invoking real demons in carrying out these actions any more than they invoke them by carrying out any of their regular scummy actions.

It’s not that this occult org is gay, it’s that occultism itself is. In fact it’s so bad that it really puts a damper on the premise of many of the world’s religions. The ne’er do wells who actually go out of their way to transgress the Bible and so on don’t live up to the image in any way. I used to be big into the occult and demonology because I wanted to prove to myself God’s existence – I wanted my house to receive an infestation.

I used to watch this guy, a Catholic exorcist. I wanted to play with the real deal and receive the consequences – but really nothing happened.

It’s a huge shame because the art is so beautiful

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Catholic guy: “Don’t mess with demons! This is a very serious matter. Don’t do it! You don’t know what you’re dealing with.”



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How embarrassing. :man_facepalming:t2:

LOL yeah basically. I was actually in the process of constructing a Goetic mirror and everything by the book. I refused to use any modern goetic texts like those written by Aleister Crowley. I was also going to use natural materials and refrain from anything modern or artificial (for example, drawing sharpie on a sheet of crappy linen

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By the way I have to add, doing this stuff legit is very time consuming and expensive. Like you have to be rich to really practice this stuff

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