Worldbuilding notes from Spandrel

JOOIPR is a traditional style of clothing that permeates through all classes of society. Thread is harvested from a domesticated, black spider, also called JOOIPR, using tiny stocks and thread wheels. It comes out of the spider glossy and orange. The thread is then permanently infused with a substance akin to vantablack, which reflects next to 100% of visible light.

This subtracts volume from female figures in casual wear, and creates a pleasing contrast against the pale skin and copper hair of its wearers.

In EEEEE, women are not allowed to wear XAKL, which is clothing that segments the body to highlight sexual features. XAKL is commonly associated with the decadence of eroding civilizations. “The woman becomes more than naked; the woman is segmented, her real self taken apart, mechanically she pursues the attention of others.” Plastic surgery and makeup, with minor exceptions, are considered XAKL. In society’s view, XAKL is like taking fruit of mixed quality and painting it to look better; it interferes with the genetic health of the people.

Women are not allowed to wear shoes. Men are not allowed to not wear shoes. Men typically do not take their shoes off in the house if they are dressed, but there are no conventions surrounding indoor footwear.

Homosexuals are not allowed to engage in homosexual activity; they are called in by the state for psychological evaluations. Homosexuals are fined and punished for this behavior and are forced to undergo psychological treatment.

There are no political parties that are allowed to compete with the Z’ZT. Fascism is the law of the land here.

Petting is an acceptable physical show of affection.

Crime is monopolized by BUREL, allowed to operate publicly under the condition that they do not allow amateurs in to their market. In this way, crime becomes a release valve for anti social behavior.


akin to vantablack, which reflects next to 100% of light

Don’t you mean ‘absorbs’?

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BUREL reminds me of the Assassins’ and Thieves’ guilds from Discworld.

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I mean in how it works

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